About Us

Dan Vroom Founder, MailMemes

The inspiration for MailMemes came while perusing social media one evening during the 2016 election season. Besides connecting with old and new friends, our favorite aspect of social media is discovering and sharing memes.

However, the contentious election season prompted 99.9% of social media to become filled posts that were filled with anger, both politically fueled and confrontational. This made it more difficult than usual — it’s hard enough normally to navigate all the food pictures — to easily find and share memes. I joked with friends and family that in a social media boycott, I planned to find memes and mail them via the US Postal Service so they wouldn’t have to waste time sifting through social media to find the good ones.

A few weeks later, as I was searching for good memes to mail my family and friends, I realized that there are people everywhere who would enjoy receiving memes in the mail. It was then that MailMemes was born. We are very excited about MailMemes because it is a service that allows people to share memes in a unique way. These days, people rarely receive anything in the mail that brings joy and excitement; usually only things that bring disappointment like bills, weekly sales advertisements, or real estate flyers.  The anticipation of checking your mailbox is too often squashed when all that’s there is junk mail. When we DO receive a letter or a card in the mail, especially if it is unexpected, it is very special and a highlight of the day.

Our goal is that MailMemes will be used as a way to spread joy to others. MailMemes combines the excitement and joy of receiving an unexpected and meaningful piece of mail with the clever, humorous, and quirky nature of memes. It’s a great way to show someone — ranging from your significant others, to your employees — that you’re thinking about them.

So start spreading joy and give MailMemes a try today!

Thanks,                                                                                                                                                                                    Dan.